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Here we have a whole bunch of pages that might help you with promoting your group. Good luck! And remember, we would love to hear about what you have got up to, so please share. Other groups would love to hear about your stories and successes, so please post messages yourself on the Central Groups to spread the news.

OED definition: 'Promotion - Activity that supports or encourages a cause, venture, or aim'

Local Promotion Volunteers

Having a member of your group volunteer team 'doing' promotional stuff - online, contacting people, events - is a good idea. Have a look at Group Promotion Volunteers for an outline of the type of work that can be done, and Recruiting, Training and Retaining for ideas of how to find someone to do it!


PR Materials

Lots of pre-prepared promotional materials below. If you're thinking of making your own you might like to have a look at Design Disasters to Avoid

  • Gift of Time vouchers - the samples we had of these are no longer available, but the idea is worth keeping! The idea is to promote printable Gifts of Time that members can print out or are available at Freegle events. Encourages less consumerism and promotes freegling if the vouchers include a suitable message/logo.

Press Coverage


  • Youtube - Freegle's own Youtube channel

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