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Message on Central 8.3.21 [[1]] :

Following on from our work with councils (which isn’t over), we are looking at whether we can do more work with housing associations. Through some contacts made by Natalie, we’ve had some discussions with https://rubixx.co.uk/, who supply software to housing associations to manage their tenancies.

They’ve now done some integration which allows their customers (the housing associations) to send out a link to Freegle when a tenancy starts or is ending. The link will use the postcode of the resident, which they already know, so that their postcode is pre-filled on the Freegle site and it will therefore direct them to the nearest Freegle group.

Hopefully this kind of thing will be a way to reach people who would really benefit from Freegle, but who might not have heard about us, at the right time.

A message on Central 11.3.21 reported on an earlier discussion that Edward and Natalie had about social housing and how Freegle might be able to assist in saing items from landfill and helping new tenants to find items - https://discourse.ilovefreegle.org/t/social-housing/3057