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This is an example of a photo call notice you could use for your group.


WHAT: Joe Bloggs, latest member of xxx Freegle group, takes delivery of new hutch for baby rabbits

WHERE: XYZ , 10 George Street, Bristol, BS1 2AB

WHEN: Thursday 23rd July 2007, at 10.30am

XXX Freegle Group will welcome their 500th member Joe Bloggs who will receive a gift of a rabbit hutch from fellow member Dave Dynamo.

Meet Joe, Dave, Bertha the rabbit and her babies.

Joe, a retired teacher, requested a rabbit hutch because he his pet rabbit Bertha had an ‘unexpected delivery’ and the hutch is getting a bit crowded.

Xxx Freegle group was formed in xx and in only 12 months has grown to 500 members.

Freegle is an national recycling organisation, started in 2009, which provides individuals and non-profit organisations an internet-based forum to "recycle" unwanted household and other items.


If you would like to send a photographer or for further information, please telephone John Smith, Freegle or emailxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx

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