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This is some information that Volunteers may find helpful when preparing for live interviews


Reuse of products is a simple way of extending their life. There is a hierarchy within reuse depending on the amount of work required to return an item back into service, whether it's through:

  • direct reuse - upgrading, passing items on, sale of second-hand items, refurbishment of used products;
  • repair of products to return to service; or
  • remanufacturing - reinstating items to their original condition and selling them with a warranty matching that of a new item.

Buying re-used items like sofas and TVs rather than buying new items is saving UK households around £1 billion a year and helping to create jobs - but this is just a fraction of the potential shown by WRAP’s new research released in November 2011. One million sofas which the current owner has finished with are re-used in the UK every year, saving households over £320 million – but this is just 17% of the total number of sofas discarded each year. The environmental benefits of re-using one tonne of sofas are the same as recycling one tonne of plastics.
Current (2011 in UK) levels of re-use create financial savings to households of around £1 billion and reduce CO2 equivalent emissions by one million tonnes – the same as taking 300,000 cars off the road.


Be prepared for questions about:

How is Freegle different to The Freecycle Network ™ (TFN)?

Freegle groups are all run by local volunteers and are autonomous.
The Freegle network is democratic.
Freegle was formed to create a unique, friendly and proactive UK network for online groups facilitating the ‘freecycling’ of unwanted goods (TFN is controlled from the USA).
A lot of of Freegle groups started life under TFN but have become Freegle groups so they can develop with a more local flavour.

Health and Safety

Things need to be legal and freely given

Members wanting more than their fair share

Volunteers who have given live interviews

8 March 2012
Cat, Head of Media,
BBC Radio Shropshire
Jim Hawkins in the Morning
Local Group - Oswestry Freegle

11 March 2012
Saira, Oswestry Freegle
BBC Radio Shropshire
Mike George - Sunday Breakfast

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