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This page is being developed. I am just learning, so if you can add anything please do, or contact me at

What is its purpose?

Pinterest is not meant to substitute any of the social networks, it is designed to be photo led. The only information on it is in the category header or under each photo you upload.

The idea is to create category pages which interest you and then look for pictures from other accounts to re-pin. You don't have to add any of your own, but you can if. for instance, you are doing a page about your own garden or your recipes.

For examples, have a look at and

What use is it for Freegle?

By putting interesting photos on and creating pages in various categories, you can reach people who would be interested in Freegle, but may not have heard of us.

When you log in you are shown a myriad of new photos which have arrived in the categories you have chosen, and you can re-pin any which interest you. has created thirteen boards so far.

  • Freegle
  • Sustainable Living
  • Repurpose and Reuse ideas
  • Gardening and Growing your own
  • Groups
  • Waste
  • The Frugle Home
  • Pallet Reuse
  • Fun Projects
  • Freegle UK groups
  • Eco Fashion and repurposing
  • Eco Homes
  • A coat of Paint
  • Recycled Art

Appropriate pins and photos are uploaded to each, and appropriate organisations, found and followed.

I don't have time to do all this!

You can set up the categories and then anyone who has a pinterest account can be co-opted to edit that category. They will have it added to their own account page and so will need no further log in details.

Is there a quick way to add photos?

You need to download the free pinterest gadget for your toolbar or phone you can find it in several places, but there is one here your can just drag to your toolbars

It is quick to add them from another pinterest page you just click on 'pin it'.

It is just as quick to click on a photo on any blog or account which supports sharing with pinterest.

It is not possible to upload your own photos in batches they have to be individual, and if too large will take time. If you have high resolution you may be best resizing them first.

To pin direct from Facebook

Should I tell my members about my page?

If you are doing it based around reuse, repurposing then I would just mention it in an Admin you send out about something else.

You can put a pinterest button on your Yahoo page as well. <a href=""><img src="" width="156" height="26" alt="Follow us on Pinterest" /></a></p> wither use this or substitute freegleuk with your own account title.t

Setting up an Account

This bit is easy just go to  put your name and email in, the boxes and create a password . You then have to choose five categories from a list to get you started. This list is not very good, and you will be shown pins from each. Try and make them relevant to you if it is a private account or to people interested in reuse, self sufficiency etc if it is to be a Freegle group.

Create your first category page, give it a title, put this title in the search box and go and find pins on similar boards which you think would be suitable.

Just add pages and pins as you have time. You can change the order of your categories, and the titles at any time, but you can't change the order of the pins on a page.

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