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This is a collection of information aimed at making your valuable job as a volunteer much easier.
The simplest way to find information in this Wiki is to use the search box in the sidebar on the left. That remains in place, whichever page you're on.
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This site contains information for and from those volunteering with Freegle both locally and nationally. The information is organised into three main portals:

Freegle-heart.png The Freegle
Manage-local-group.png Running Your
Local Community
Megaphone-man.png Freegle

Would you like to know more about this thing we have made together called Freegle?

Look here for lots of information and ways to get involved with your organisation.

You have a great local Freegle community, but could you do with some help or ideas?

This section is packed full with 'everything you need to know' about running your community

Are you interested in getting the word out there about Freegle?

Look here for ideas and resources to promote Freegle locally and nationally.

more details... more details... more details...

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Don't like the word 'wiki'? Worried about the amount of information here? Don't be!

Just think of this as lots of pages in a book, a book written by Freegle people for Freegle people. Flick through it by using the blue highlighted link words, use the search box to find stuff and get back to the front cover easily by clicking on 'Front Page' on the left hand navigation bar.

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