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XXXX Freegle is an online group for locals to give away and get things for free. As long as whatever item you are giving away or asking for is legal then it will be allowed on the group listings. The XXXX group was started in MONTH/YEAR and has been flourishing this past X months with a UK-wide network of Freegle groups. There are NUMBER local members in YOUR AREA already – all busy, giving away and getting stuff for free.

Freegle is a massive grass roots initiative that is leading environmentally positive individual action across the UK. There are over XXX (see website groups page to check latest number) independent groups spread throughout Scotland, Wales, NI and England and we have over XXX (see website groups page to check latest number) members. XXXX Freegle is part of a very popular modern activity! Making good use of things that we all already have by making sure that stuff is not unnecessarily dumped at the tip or lying around not being used. You would be amazed at what you can get rid of and what you can get. The amount of goods that we ensure are reused rather than thrown away is growing every day. It is really easy to be part of XXXX Freegle. You’ll need access to a computer and an email address. Upon joining the group, you’ll receive easy instructions on how everything works and what to do. MOD’s NAME from WHERE……is your local group owner and he/she is a helpful and experienced Freegler who will help you get started if you are new to it. Don’t be shy… join up, it really is easy and fun.

Freegle groups also foster community spirit, lessen consumerism, assist the economically challenged, reduce the burden on local council’s resources and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle... all done locally by locals and all done for free! So by joining up to the XXXX Freegle Group you may even meet neighbours and discover positive initiatives going on in your area along the way.

Whether you are an individual, family, old or young, a local organisation, sports club, charity, rich or poor or a business you can benefit from joining and start to offer any unwanted items you have to the other members in the XXXX group. Other members will email you if they are interested in the item you offer and arrange to collect it from you. If there’s some item you are looking for then you can ask for those things too… someone just may have what you are looking for, and no longer need it themselves.

Whether it be a TV, empty moving boxes, clothing, sports equipment, DIY materials, a household full of furniture, toys, books, some dishwasher tablets, office equipment, fresh squid or an old WWII shelter it is possible to give it away or get it for free via XXXX Freegle, instead of it going to waste at the tip or languishing unused.

Freegle members can save money, time, energy and the planet – all at the same time!

XXXX Group’s HOMEPAGE: http://yourgroup’s web address here or short link (e.g: ) Contact the XXXX Group owner: Freegle Website (lots of useful information):


Here is a generic press release you can use:

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Freegle: FREE Giving Locally Easily

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