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Your local Council could offer you help in a variety of ways. Some suggestions you could make to your local Council to help advertise your community are:

  • Place information about xyz Freegle on the Council's intranet if you have one
  • Promote xyz Freegle community when doing presentations in schools
  • Produce stickers to place on wheelie bins to advertise xyz Freegle community
  • Include xyz Freegle community in any waste orientated road shows in the future
  • Have one of the refuse trucks signed up with the Freegle logo and xyz Freegle community address
  • Advertise xyz Freegle on lamp posts, at cycle parking, on banners at traffic lights or on roundabouts etc
  • Produce large clear signs and leaflets or cards for promoting xyz Freegle community at the landfill sites
  • Include information about xyz Freegle community in powerpoint presentations on waste and the three 'R's
  • Include information on xyz Freegle community in new tenant, resident and business packs (where these exist)
  • Include xyz Freegle community in staff training of council departments, especially beneficial to staff who deal with queries etc for special item collection, such as fridges and suites.
  • Access funding on behalf of the xyz Freegle community to create advertising merchandise, such as bookmarks, pens, posters, stickers and leaflets
  • Arrange for access/information on xyz Freegle community to be made available in every One Stop Shop (the local access to the council services) in the form of leaflets, posters, etc.

Here are some of the things that local councils have provided for online reuse communities in the past few years:

  • Sponsored all weather banners
  • Photocopied publicity leaflets
  • Agreed local Freegle representatives to use their public liability insurance where applicable.
  • Invited local Freegle representatives to attend summer road shows, give and take days, eco fairs, providing free plot next to Council Recycling Officers
  • Gave permission to use council property for promoting Freegle, ie, gazebo, chairs, tables, notice boards.
  • Paid for printing of leaflets and business cards
  • Designed publicity materials for Freegle - posters, fliers, business cards
  • Made laminated posters
  • Donated yo-yo's, pencils, pens, fridge magnets to give away.
  • Provided leaflets on related issues, eg. composting.
  • Donated compost bins to give away locally to Freegle members
  • Included Freegle on all council recycling related literature
  • Put links on their website
  • Offered to apply for funding for the local community and then manage the funds on their behalf.
  • Mentioned the Freegle locally in the Council magazine that goes to every household.
  • Periodical emails to all Council workers through their intranet.
  • List of diary events for community groups etc, so local representative can attend if they want.
  • Raise awareness of Freegle with local Chamber of Commerce
  • Carried information about Freegle in local offices
  • Offered services of their Press Office to get a Freegle representative on the local radio
  • Put up banner and provided leaflets about Freegle at local recycling facilities
  • Emailed all council employees with details of Freegle
  • Emailed all parish councils with information about local communities
  • Environmental Rangers carry 'business cards' for local community to give to people