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Create a Facebook page

In Facebook, at the bottom of the menu on the left on your Home page, under create, select page.

Select cause or community.
Add the title of the page
Click get started.
Upload a profile picture, usually a group logo.
Upload a cover photo, usually a local ‘photo or a Freegle logo on green background. The page is created.
Select the learn more button.
Select contact you.
Select ‘ sign up’, then Next.
Add the website link http://freegle.in/groupname
Click finish.

Create a post that says something along the lines of… To join the xxxx group, just click the sign up button at the top of the page.

When the post is on the page, select the three dots top right of the post.
Select ‘pin to the top of the page’

Add a user name

When you have a few likes on the page, you can add a username.

Click add an @username under the group title at the top left of the page.
Add your group title @xxxxFreegle

Add an admin to Facebook

Select settings at the top right of the Facebook page.
In the menu on the left select page roles
The new admin must have liked the page or be on your friends list.
Add the new admin's email address to the ‘assign a page role’ box and the person's profile picture should appear below it.
Click the profile.
Set from Editor to Admin and save.
You need to retype your password and the new admin is then in the list of page moderators.

Link a group to Facebook in modtools

In modtools, select settings > group settings
Select the group from the drop down menu at the top of the page
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click add to a Facebook page (not add to a group)
A page opens that lists all Facebook groups you are an admin on. Select the group you wish to link.
When you see the message ‘page found’ the page is linked

Share social media posts to Facebook

Click publicity in modtools
Scroll past the offer of business cards and you should see the group you linked named on a blue button beneath the available Facebook posts.
Click the button with the group name and the post will go onto Facebook. The blue button vanishes, the post does not. When the button has gone, the post is on the page.

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