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You can give your Firefox browser a Freegle 'skin' by using this Persona. A persona is the background that is shown behind the menu and toolbars at the top of browser, and the background of the status bar at the bottom. The persona does not intrude into the normal page viewing area.

The Freegle persona backgrounds are light green with "i love freegle" and the heart logo in the top right. Normal black menu and toolbar text show up well.

FirefoxPersona Snippet.jpg

Go here to get the Freegle persona:

  • If you see a "Get Personas Now" button, click on this to install the Personas add-on. Then agree to Install Personas for Firefox". When installed, click on the Restart Firefox button.
  • Back on the Freegle persona page, click on "Wear this Persona".

You can switch or disable persona using the menu [Tools][Personas].

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