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Speaking to the right person is paramount. Check out their web site or ring the switchboard and ask to be put through to the head of the environment. You won't get through to them but you will get through to the right department. Don't be dispirited.

Phase One

Make initial contact:

  • Get a name and e-mail of the head honcho in the environment department.
  • Email a link and ask if they will put that link to your community in the recycle section of their web site. Invite them to join Freegle.
  • Be nice (yeah, we know - GRIN).
  • Ask if they would like a link to the Council recycling page on your site.

Phase Two

Get a bit more persistent

  • You have local papers with letters pages? Write and ask why the council refuses to engage with you.
  • Do they have a website ? Is there a feedback or forum page? Ask the questions there.

Essentially make yourself a PITA.

Phase Three

Still getting nowhere? OK time to get tough.

  • Go to your local M.P.'s surgery. Raise it with him/her, the political party (whilst Green would be nice) is not important. You know how to put the case or you would not be here.
  • Speak to your local council elected bods. They are not scary (on the whole) just members of the public like you and me. Their details should be on your local Council website if you don't know who they are.

That is what we elect these people for and they tend to be dedicated individuals (or loonies who are willing to spend hours a month on a thankless and....ah Hmmmm)

Sit back and wait for the Council to contact you.

(Once you are in contact here are some Council Help ideas to suggest)

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