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Rather than doing adhoc things as the mood takes you, why not consider planning your own campaign to get your group noticed? It's usually easier to do something when you are clear about your goal and break down the steps needed to achieve that so they are manageable.

The basic steps to take are:

  • Work out what your 'message' is
  • Define your goals
  • Figure out who your audience is
  • Make a time line of what you want to achieve and work backwards to get a 'plan of attack'


  • Then use all the avenues that technology offers and that all your connections have to deliver that clear message to the right people in a timely manner


  • Be nice when you meet (and write/talk to) people
  • Don't give up
  • Don't pass up any opportunity as you never know what it will lead to

There are resources here on this wiki for you to use. Everything from a Sample Press Release, Events planning, how to deal with Live Interviews and a lot of Promotion ideas. But don't work on your own! Ask on Central, share your successes and disappointments (there is always virtual cake on hand) and we can all share your inspiration and be inspired.

Remember - the more each of us does for our little bit of Freegle, the more impact it has for Freegle nationally, which then impacts on your group's success....... you get the idea!

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