Freegle Board Minutes August 2014

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Minutes of the Meeting of Directors of Freegle Limited Wednesday 27 August 2014 at 7.30pm by Skype Chat


Directors Present:

Jacky Barrett, Ollie Clark, Cat Fletcher, Edward Hibbert, Andrew Ludlow, Alison Redway, Tina Willcox

Chairman: Edward Hibbert

The meeting commenced at 19.36

Apologies for Absence

Andrew Widgery

Declarations of Interest

Edward Hibbert is a Director of Recycling Lives. There are currently no conflicts of interest.

Board Meeting Procedure

Alison has drafted a procedure to be used for carrying out and documenting board meetings.

Agreed with a minor amendment.

Votes: 7 For

Bank Account

We agreed:

1. Freegle Limited, registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965, Register No 32410R wishes to open an account with Unity Trust Bank plc (“The Bank”) and produced to the meeting a copy of the Bank’s terms and conditions for operating an account.

2. The Bank’s terms and conditions are approved and the Company/Organisation agrees to be bound by them.

3. The Bank’s terms and conditions may vary from time to time and the Company/Organisation agrees to be bound by them.

4. The Mandate for the operation of the bank account(s), payment instructions and banking services to be provided to the Bank and that amendments to the Mandate may be made by any Director/Trustee, or by any officer of the Company/Organisation who is intimated to the Bank as being authorised by the Board to do so in accordance with the Bank’s procedures.

5. The Bank is entitled to rely upon this Mandate until it receives a later Mandate amending it.

6. The Bank will be provided with a copy of the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation, together a copy of the Company’s Rules or the Organisation’s registration documents. Any changes to these documents must be advised in writing to the Bank.

7. The Bank will be notified in writing of any change of Directors/Trustees of the Company/Organisation or of any officer of the Company/Organisation who is known to the Bank as being authorised to do so.

8. The Company will be liable for any liabilities of the Company to the Bank.

Votes: 7 For

Risk Register

Edward is working on this. The meeting identified some specific risks and agreed to consider this matter further outside the meeting.

Action: All to add to Trello list.




Board Secretary:

Alison has drafted a remit

Company Secretary

Andy has drafted a remit.

Andy asked all directors to fully complete the Directors’ Confidential Details spreadsheet.

Action: All

Two ombudsmen and one Returning Officer have accepted our request to take up these roles.

Action: Andy to write thanking them.

Alison to consult with Board and consider a replacement for the Returning Officer vacancy.’’’

Volunteer Welfare

Action: Tina is drafting a role and remit and will discuss this on the Board Group.

Chief Technology Officer

Edward has drafted a role and remit.

Edward updated us on his plans for Freegle Direct.


Cat has drafted a role and remit.

Cat is sorting out supporting WLLM and Zero Waste week social media She will help with upcoming GAYL campaigns etc.

Health and Safety

Action: Ollie is drafting a remit and will discuss this on the Board group.

Any Other Business

Charity Registration

We are awaiting the opening of the bank account before applying for this.

Data Protection

Action: Edward to consider.


Action: Jacky to consider.

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 24 September at 7.15 (note earlier time)


We agreed:

Minutes of the meeting of 30 July 2014

To adopt policies and procedures:

Document Approval Policy


Polled on and unanimously approved 24.4.14

Finance Documentation

Polled and unanimously approved 18.8.14

  • Finance Policy


  • Finance Procedures


  • Finance Role Remits


Group Affiliation Requirements Policy


Polled 19.8.14

Board Role Remit


Polled 27.8.14, unanimously approved

Central Discussion and Working Group Membership Policy


Polled 26.8.14

Equality and Diversity Policy


Polled 26.8.14.

Votes: 7 For

The meeting ended at 20.48.