Central Discussion and Working Group Membership Policy

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This policy was adopted by the Board at their meeting of 27th August 2014.

The membership policy for centrally run discussion and working groups is:

  • All Freegle Members and Volunteers are welcome to join Central, the Cafe and Working Groups.
  • Ex Members or Volunteers (i.e. who have voluntarily left or have been removed as a volunteer from all groups affiliated with Freegle, or as a national Volunteer, or have ceased being a Member) may remain on or join the groups for up to 7 days, which may be extended by Board of Directors’ approval.
  • No-one will be moderated on Central unless they personally request it or there are damaging circumstances which necessitate it. The same applies to other groups and teams unless the policy of that group is expressly to only allow posts from some participants (e.g. Legal).
  • Ex-Volunteers or Members will be removed from Central, the Cafe and the Working Groups if they have not left voluntarily by the end of the agreed time.