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Minutes of the First Freegle AGM held between 31 October 2011 (0001hrs) and 6 November (23.59hrs) on Freegle UK Central

The minutes of the Inaugural Freegle AGM were approved as a correct record of the meeting -

Chairman: Edward Hibbert

Apologies for Absence

24 - 30 October 2011
Apologies from five volunteers were received on Freegle UK Central.
There were no apologies received by the Minutes Secretary from non Central members.

The AGM was opened on 31 October by Edward Hibbert.
Edward welcomed volunteers and explained the procedure to be used for conducting business.

Report from Reps 2010 - 2011

AGM 2011 Reps Report
Discussion started 31 October

Volunteer Comments:
Thanks were given to the Reps for the Report.
It sums up the current position for Freegle very well.
The critical point from the Report was the number of volunteers needed to sustain Freegle in the future.
Possible reasons were reflected on for lack of national involvement by Freegle volunteers.
A lean national Freegle that provides leadership whilst allowing easy opportunity for maximum volunteer involvement would allow for a healthy future.
There also needs to be an acceptance that we are all responsible for Freegle.
There was agreement with the Reps strategy of concentrating on work that will help Freegle grow.
Hope was expressed that the AGM would encourage more involvement by volunteers.
The remarkable achievements of the last two years were commented on.
Thanks were given to everyone for making Freegle an organisation that people want to join.

Appointment of Auditor

Auditor Role and Remit
Discussion started 1 November 2011
The Ombudsman and Returning Officer proposed Jean (Trafford) for this position.

Volunteer Comments:
Requests were made for some broad guidance of Jean’s suitability.
Jean provided a resume of her past experience to the AGM.
Confirmation was given that Structure Working Group felt that the Auditor could be a Freegle volunteer and did not need to be someone outside of the organisation.
Jean was thanked for agreeing to take on the post.

Poll 2-5 November 2011
This meeting approves the appointment of Jean (Trafford) as Freegle’s Auditor.

Jean (Trafford) was elected as Freegle Auditor.
Yes 43
No 2
Abstain 5

Finance Report

AGM 2011 Finance Report
Discussion started 1 November 2011.

Volunteer Comments
We need to have modest financial expectations and care over future financial commitment.
Thanks were given to the Reps for funding their own Conference and to volunteers who pay for domain names and printing costs.
The Strategy document produced from the Reps Conference is very useful.
Consideration could be given to paying for such meet ups in the future as we would not want to discourage people from volunteering as Reps for financial reasons.
A proposal was made and seconded that the Reps should be reimbursed from our funds for their conference out of pocket expenses. The Free Beds scheme may be useful.
The Treasurer reported that there are insufficient funds for this. There has been a good response for donations to cover server costs but another appeal would be needed to cover Reps Conference costs.
Reps personally commented that they were grateful for the offer but the expenditure had not been pre-authorised and that they preferred to regard the outlay as a donation and did not wish to take up the kind offer.
The cost of Reps meetings needs to be balanced against other costs and are not necessarily a regular event.
Face to face meet ups are valuable for getting to know each other and for speeding up communication. Regular Reps meetings should be considered seriously and potentially funded.
Bi-annual or annual meet ups may be useful, possibly alongside Freestock.
Expenditure for Freegle that is personally donated should be documented in order to help with funding applications in the future.
A hope was expressed that we could soon be open to accepting donations in order to provide publicity packs for groups.
A contingency fund would be useful.
Council and Biffa local funding was mentioned.

Reports from Working Groups and Teams

Structure Working Group

AGM 2011 Structure Report
Discussion started 2 November 2011

Volunteer Comments:
Thanks were given to the Working Group for their hard work.

Tech Working Group

AGM 2011 Tech Report
Discussion started 2 November 2011

Volunteer Comments:
Thanks were given to the Group for their hard work.

Start Working Group

AGM 2011 Start Report
Started 2 November 2011

Group Affiliation Team

AGM 2011 Group Affiliation Team Report
Started 2 November 2011

Mailbox Team

AGM 2011 Mailbox Report
Discussion started 2 November 2011

Volunteer Comments:
Thanks were given to the team for:
Dealing with enquiries quickly and in a friendly, helpful manner.
Providing some entertaining examples of enquiries received.
Helping provide good PR for Freegle.

The Team said that they enjoyed the work.

Media Working Group

AGM 2011 Media Report
Discussion started 4 November 2011

Volunteer Comments:
Thanks were given to Cat for all her work.
A request was made for the Media Strategy which was presented to the Reps in April to be shared with the Media Working Group. This may be useful so that others could comment and lessen the load. Cat agreed to do this.
Cat explained recent progress that has been made in making contacts with Government.
Progress at local government level was also mentioned.

National Volunteers Proposal

AGM 2011 Proposal for National Volunteers Procedure
Discussion started 3 November 2011

Poll 4 - 7 November 2011
Should the above proposal be adopted?

Volunteer Comments:
Support was given to the proposal.
The proposal was adopted by the AGM.
Yes 33
No 0
Abstain 2

Amendments to Ombudsman and Returning Officer Documents

AGM 2011 Amendments to ORO documents
Started 3 November 2011

Poll 3-6 November 2011
The amendments adopted by the Reps to the two documents as detailed above should be ratified.

Volunteer Comments:
Support was received for the amendments.
The amendments were adopted by the AGM.
Yes 29
No 0
Abstain 0

Edward closed the AGM and thanked everyone who had contributed.
7 November 2011

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