AGM 2011 Finance Report

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During the two years from the start of Freegle to this AGM, we have operated without a central bank account. Costs have been paid by individuals, and donations have been requested from volunteers to cover those costs, with the donations being paid direct to the individual to exactly cover the expenditure in each case. In 2009/2010, income and expenditure was £1,138.

The main items of expenditure were - Banners £128, attendance at UK Aware £286 and IT costs £724 - of which £358 was for hosting costs, and £366 was for the registration and renewal of various domain names, many of which we have decided we do not require and will not be renewing. To date, in 2011, income and expenditure is £256, all relating to IT costs for hosting.

In both periods, there is an element of payments in advance for hosting costs. The cost of hosting is £19 per month, which is £228 per year, domain renewals are about £65 a year, and the cost of SSL for Facebook republishing is a further £65, so there is a base IT cost of £358 a year.

Note - In April 2011, there was a Reps' conference in Leeds - the cost of this was £775, excluding meals and refreshments, but including travel costs of £450, Hotel costs for4 of the Reps of £220, and £100 for the hire of the conference room. The Reps all funded their own costs, and this is not expected to be an annual event, and so have not been included in the 2011 accounts. Further details can be seen here:

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