AGM 2011 Amendments to ORO documents

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Ombudsman and Returning Officer (ORO) Documents

Following recommendations from Structure, the Reps agreed amendments to two adopted documents, effective from July 29th 2011. The message advising this was posted on Central [1].

Changes to ORO Ending Terms of Office Procedure:
"3a. If a Team member does not post on the ORO Discussion Group for more than 14 days without notice or otherwise make contact" and
"3b. If there is no contact with any Team members without prior arrangement or notification for more than 4 consecutive weeks"

Amendment/clarification: " When there is ongoing active discussion relating to the remits of the team."

Changes to ORO Team Roles and Remits:
2.3 The ORO Team are jointly responsible for choosing and recommending an auditor as required by the Financial Management procedures and Constitution." The document also needs an extra link to the Financial document.

These amendments were implemented by the Reps under the terms in both the documents -

"This document is subject to adoption by a poll of Freegle Volunteers by a simple majority of over 50% of those voting. Any subsequent amendments should be proposed via a Working Group to the Reps who can approve proposed amendments for a trial period, subject to ratification within 6 months by a poll of Freegle Volunteers, with a simple majority of over 50% of those voting."

Poll for AGM 2011:

The amendments adopted by the Reps to the two documents as detailed above should be ratified




The result of the poll was announced on Freegle UK Central on 6th November, message no. 24246 [2]. The amendments were unanimously ratified.

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