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Nationally run social media links:

Social Media Team

A Social Media Team was formed in June 2022. The team members are shown on Modtools-Teams.

The discussion group for the team is

The team's email address is

If you would like advice or to join the team, please email them directly.

Their remit is to get all Facebook and Twitter local accounts auto-posting standard content, and (ideally) have 'Amy' or an equivalent on Facebook groups as a backup.

December 2022 changes:
Facebook are restricting some of the things we can do with their API unless they recognise the company that owns the app as a “Tech provider”. They don’t recognise us, so we got restricted. But developers of the app can use some permissions with their own account. So adding Amy as a develop of the app and an admin of the page allows us to do things that we can’t otherwise do. The Social Media Team can relink pages to Modtools once Amy is made an admin on a Facebook page.

Freegle Social Media Management Role

The Board asked on February 2016 on Freegle UK Central for expressions of interest for the role of Social Media Management. [[1]] The Freegle Board Minutes April 2016 confirmed that the Board had agreed to appoint Cat Fletcher to this role.