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If you like Facebook, then you probably don't need convincing that using it to enhance your community is a good idea. So let's assume you loathe Facebook and think it's evil.

The first thing to realise is: that's your view.

  • It will be the view of some of your members. But it's not most people's view - just look at how astoundingly successful Facebook is.
  • Whether you like it or not, people are spending vast amounts of time on Facebook - to the extent that they are even watching less TV. I know, it's awful. But that's where people live online now. And that's where we should reach them; they're perfect people to be freegling.

If you're under the age of 30, it's practically inconceivable that you won't have a Facebook account. Ask around. If you have kids, or grandkids, ask them if they have a Facebook account. People are growing up with Facebook. We might have done, but it's not what's happening now.

And there are some aspects of Facebook which are just perfect for Freegle. We spread best by word of mouth. Because you see what your Facebook friends are doing (that's why you hate it, right?) people will see their friends freegling. And they'll wonder what it is. And that's the first step - getting people to even hear about us.

You might hate Facebook. That's fine, we're not trying to persuade you to like it. But isn't it good for your community to get people who do like it to start freegling?

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