Protocol for Annual General Meeting

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Protocol for holding Freegle Ltd AGM online.

  • The meeting will take place on Freegle UK Central.
  • The Chair will take the meeting through the agenda and draw each piece of discussion to a conclusion, making sure attendees have the chance to contribute.
  • The Returning Officers will conduct a 24 hour poll to assess the quorum at the beginning of the meeting
  • Although all volunteers are welcome to 'attend' the meeting, only Members can vote and form the quorum.
  • Only items specified on the agenda will be discussed. There is no 'any other business' at the AGM.
  • Any polls that are required are to be worded by the proposer in agreement with the Chair. The Chair's decision will be final.
  • The Returning Officer will run any required polls (these will be conducted and notified on Central).
  • 72 hours will be allowed for polls, with results to be concluded by the end of the AGM period.
  • AGM discussions will follow a clear protocol:
    • only the Chair will be allowed to start official AGM agenda item discussions,
    • any contributions to that discussion will only be considered if they are submitted under the established subject line, and
    • the Chair will conclude each discussion item at an appropriate time at his sole discretion.
  • Minutes will be taken of the meeting.