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These are suggestions for tasks you might wish to do on a regular basis.


You can receive prompts from Modtools about outstanding daily tasks, such as pending messages, mails from members, flagged up chat and publicity sharing. You can control how often you receive these prompts in your Personal Settings in Modtools. You will be mailed when there is moderation work to do which has been outstanding for more than a certain time. We only mail you between 8am and 10pm, for communities you're an active mod on. The frequencies you can choose are Never, Immediately, After 1 hour, After 2 hours, After 4 hours, After 12 hours and After 24 hours. You can also choose to receive a beep or not when there is work outstanding.


  • Dip into Freegle Central to see what is going on if you are not receiving individual messages or are on a daily digest.
  • Check the chat on Central Chat on Modtools to see what is going on.


  • Confirm affiliation to Freegle
  • Attend AGM
  • Check mods on community are correct
  • Check representation on Central
  • Check welcome messages and and any other regular admins are up to date
  • Freshen up home page
  • Check local council websites to ensure your Freegle community is mentioned

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