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Development Group Report : March 2019

78 members (all volunteers are welcome to join)

This report is for the period February and March 2019. The group has been quiet these past two months.

Task 91 - Regular Review of Auto Messages

We are discussing how to encourage groups to review their auto messages (eg. welcome message) regularly to check they are still fit for purpose. The wiki has a list of housekeeping ideas that includes checking regular messages, amongst other tasks ( ).

Cafe Groups

We discussed briefly the future for Group Cafe groups. Some cafes are still running, although none reported as being particularly active. The News section of Freegle Direct has been developed to offer an alternative for a separate cafe, so unless groups feel that isn't a viable platform, there seems little point in encouraging other platforms to be used to promote community news and information.

Task 3: Review regular ADMINs

This had been pended until we sorted out the remaining Yahoo disentanglement. We resurrected the conversation and produced a list of draft Admins that can be sent out via Modtools by groups throughout the year. Edward will implement this at some point, groups will be free to not send them if they wish.

Our task list can be found at which shows outstanding tasks as well as those completed. Several of the pending tasks were inherited from the old working groups Freegle Media and Freegle Growth. They mainly depend on people to make things happen, rather than procedural items we can action via our group. We will review these again at some point, but we are happy to have offers of help with these or to add others if there are any new items people wish us to discuss.

Development Coordinator