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This group and document were approved by the Board at their meeting of 29th April 2015, after discussion on Central, Growth, Media and Structure Groups recommended amalgamating the work of Structure, Growth and Media Working Groups.

Remit for the Group

To explore, discuss and propose action on:

  • national structures, policies and procedures of the Freegle organisation
  • promoting Freegle with all forms of media
  • assisting individual groups with local promotion
  • identifying the needs of new and existing Volunteers and groups
  • how best Volunteers can provide mutual support to meet their needs
  • promoting best/preferred practice
  • ensuring Volunteers are able to easily access information on the support available to them
  • identifying any external assistance which Freegle requires to meet the above needs

Recommendations for adoption of documents or changes will be made as detailed in the Document Approval Policy

The Group will work within the procedures and practices set out in Working Groups Procedure

Link to Group

The Development Working Group can be found at

Role Holders for the Group

The current role holders and Board observer for the Group can be found on the Who's Who spreadsheet -

Task List

The task list for work being undertaken by the Group can be found at


What has been happening on the Group can be found in the category:Development Group Reports