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Development Group Report : April 2019

78 members (all volunteers are welcome to join)

This report covers our work in April 2019.

Task 91 - Auto Messages

This task was completed, but we gave further feedback to Edward about implementation, opting to set up an annual review of each auto-Admin to ensure they continue to be relevant.

The first Admin sent out was not one of those we had provided, but a test of the process with a call for members to put up posters. Once the process is set, the regular ‘encouragement-to-freegle’ messages will start to be offered for groups to send, with members set to only receive one copy, however many groups they belong to.

Task 3 - Review Group Admin Messages

We continued with this task, concluding that for Welcome messages, there should be a six-monthly review recommended, with reference to the Good Practice guidelines.

Task 92 - Changing Group Settings

Edward asked for our opinion on whether there should be a restriction on who could change Group Settings. It was agreed that this should be restricted to volunteers with Owner status only on a group to safeguard against mistakes.. National Support volunteers will also be able to have this privilege. Edward has implemented this in Modtools.

Our task list can be found at which shows outstanding tasks as well as those completed. We will review pending tasks again at some point, but we are happy to have offers of help to progress with these or to add others if there are any new items people wish us to discuss.

Development Coordinator