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Development Group Report : January 2019

78 members (all volunteers are welcome to join)


The review of pages in respect of Yahoo local group references is now completed. If you find any Yahoo references that have escaped us, please let us know.

The number of documents that have been superseded were creating a very cluttered wiki, so we have deleted a lot. A list of those that have been deleted are on . Some have been copied onto googledocs so if the wiki decides of its own accord to completely delete the documents altogether (they are recoverable at the moment), we have an alternative archive.

The wiki currently has a glitch which means documents are not being recorded in categories correctly and some links are a bit haywire. We don’t know why this has happened, but hopefully the search facilities are still working OK, so all documents can be found.

Feedback and ideas for the wiki are always very welcome.

Support Tools Access

This discussion followed on from a previous one about the Support Team remit. It was concluded that we didn’t need to set up a special documented process for giving key national volunteers access to the support tool function on Modtools, but there should be a list of who has access. It will be added to Modtools/Teams.

Task 90 - Add Extra ‘Safety’ Warning to Website for Members

A member contacted the info@ mailbox about a fall she had when collecting an item. After checking into the liability of householders to visitors, it seems there is a duty of care on us all for people who are on our property. It could lead to a claim against insurance or personally if someone gets hurt. We discussed some appropriate wording to add to the page and recommended the following under ‘Safety’: “Please ensure that access to your property is safe, so kindly mention possible hazards (dog, lighting, steps etc) to anyone collecting from you. Everyone has a duty of care towards others.”

Downloading Member Information

Modtools will have an acceptance statement added to remind volunteers that if a group membership list is downloaded/exported, there is a personal responsibility under GDPR for storage and use. .

Our task list can be found at

Development Coordinator