Development Group Report 2018 12

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Development Group Report : December 2018

78 members (all volunteers are welcome to join)

Task 85 : Review of Group Membership Information Policy

Amendments to this policy were recommended to the Board and approved. The policy relates to what rights Freegle has to use a group membership list to establish a new group if an existing group is disaffiliated or abandoned. The revised policy can be found at

Task 89 - Review of Geeks Team Remit

Another Yahoo/wiki review document needing review. This was polled, recommended to the Board for adoption and has now been approved and put onto the wiki -

Channel Islands group

We briefly discussed whether it would be OK to accept applications from the Channel Islands. It was concluded that as a similar precedent had been set by the Isle of Man group, it was within our organisational remit.

Task 84: Define ‘group’ now that Yahoo has been dropped

This discussion has emerged from earlier discussion on the Group Information Policy and what rights volunteers have to download member information. This is ongoing.

Support Team Remit

This was raised as there isn’t a specific remit for the Support Team. There is a wider remit that encompasses all national Freegle mailboxes, which does apply to their work, but the discussion widened to find out who currently has access to the Support Tools on Modtools and who should in future. This is ongoing.

We paused discussion half way through this month, so we could all rightly concentrate more on personal festive organisation. We will commence again in January, and all volunteers are very welcome to join us to view and/or participate in any of the discussions, and to put forward new topics/tasks or ask for existing ones to be raised.

Our task list can be found at

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year.

Development Coordinator