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Development Group Report : October 2018

78 members (all volunteers are welcome to join)

Task 86 : Finance Procedures

Following our recommendation to the Board, the Finance Procedures were amended with the following wording:
8.2 The only card allowed to be used on the Freegle bank account is the Unity Corporate Multipay ( under the following conditions:

  • Board approval is required for issuing the card.
  • Spending limits will be set by the Board, and linked to specific spend budgets.
  • The card must not be used for cash withdrawals.
  • The card can only be used for the card holder’s Freegle approved expenses, not for any other Freegle volunteer or contractor expenses.
  • Other conditions relating to use of the card will be as required in line with 5.3 and 8.3 of this document.

8.3 It is the role of the Freegle Finance Sub Committee to periodically review the spend on pre-paid and multipay cards with those who are holding them. Card holders should check with the Board before they spend if they are not sure the spend is in line with pre-agreed categories. Should any spend be outside of agreed categories, the Board will ask the pre-paid or multipay card holder to reimburse Freegle the sums not approved, or deduct the amount from payment of card holder invoices if appropriate.

Task 85 : Review of Group Membership Information Policy

This policy relates to what rights Freegle has to use a group membership list to establish a new group if an existing group is disaffiliated or abandoned. It is still under discussion as the conversation has broadened to what rights volunteers have to download member information.

Task 89 - Review of Geeks Team Remit

Another Yahoo/wiki review document needing review - the Geeks reviewed initially and the group have added a couple of tweaks. This is now being polled.

Task 3 : Regular Admins on Modtools

This task has ground to a halt somewhat, although the suggestion from Susan on Central about using brief footer messages was welcomed.

Task 88 : Recruiting Volunteers

We put together an email that can be used to send out to select members (as determined by a range of criteria) to encourage them to think about becoming local volunteers. Edward will be implementing this at some point on FD, in agreement with each local group and Mentors.

All volunteers are welcome to join Development to view and/or participate in any of the discussions and to put forward new topics/tasks or ask for existing ones to be raised.

Our task list can be found at