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Development Group Report : September and October 2018

78 members

Disengaging from Yahoo

Groups on Yahoo - we had some brief conversation about how this is going, whether there needs to be a period of grace for stragglers moving over to FD and the issue of non-affiliated groups using the Freegle name. The position over lack of copyright and enforcement was explained and a month’s grace proposed and accepted to help ensure we aren’t seen as heartless.

Task 86 : Finance Procedures

We discussed the principle of having the option to issue contractors or volunteers with a card to pay for items of expenditure. Freegle banks with Unity Bank and the card proposed is the Unity Corporate Card, which has lots of safeguards in place for organisations like ours. The Finance Sub-Committee proposed that we allow this card and the group agreed after general discussion. We therefore drafted some changes to the Finance Procedures to accommodate controls for the issuing of this card, polled, and recommended to the Board that they adopt the amended wording.

Task 85 : Review of Group Membership Information Policy

We are looking at the wording of the policy, now that Yahoo local groups are no longer supported by Freegle. It relates to what rights Freegle has to use a group membership list to establish a new group if an existing group is disaffiliated or abandoned. The issue of data security implications about volunteers being able to freely download a membership list has been raised.

Task 3 : Regular Admins on Modtools

This task will be raised again, now that the AGM and disengagement from Yahoo is complete. If anyone has any ideas or is willing to help draft some nifty admins, we would really appreciate the help.

All volunteers are welcome to join Development to view and/or participate in any of the discussions and to put forward new topics/tasks or ask for existing ones to be raised.

Our task list can be found at

Development Coordinator