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Development Group Report : August 2018

78 members

Another quiet month.

Task 79: Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures

After a poll, the group recommended a document to the Board to be adopted - Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Policy and Procedures.

Task 3 : Regular Admins on Modtools

Edward raised this task, asking whether we could provide some wording for Admins that could pop up on Modtools, probably once every other month, for teams to decide if they wish to use them. They would be available for a week for editing or declining before being sent out.

We are discussing this at the moment and have probably decided that ‘Admin’ is probably not the best term - perhaps ‘Tips’ or something else. We are also agreed the messages should be friendly, not admonitory or bossy. We have set up a googledoc with suggested themes and some wording and are continuing to work on this task.

Removing Yahoo support for Groups

We are discussing the best way to finalise the process to remove central support for Yahoo groups.

All volunteers are welcome to join Development to view and/or participate in any of the discussions and to put forward new topics/tasks or ask for existing ones to be raised.

Our task list can be found at

Development Coordinator