Development Group Report 2018 04

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Development Group Report : April 2018 77 members

Task 82 - Finance Procedures: Review of tender/contract limits

This discussion is still ongoing.

Task 83: Abandoned Group Procedure review

We polled on a revised document and recommended the Board to adopt it. The Board agreed and the wiki is now updated -

Review of proposed monthly letter to Yahoo groups

The Board asked the group to review the monthly letter they intend to send to Yahoo only groups, regarding the need to join Freegle Direct,

The Proofreaders group - was closed down in line with . This group was valuable early on, but the much reduced quantity of documentation we produce now has made their support unnecessary.

Wiki Review

Ongoing and nearing completion. The view has been taken that FD should be intuitive to use and that detailed explanations of what is seen on the screen are not needed. Nothing on the wiki is unrecoverable - whether it is deleted or archived - so if it is found that we have been a bit draconian in our review, pages can be retrieved.

All volunteers are welcome to join Development to view and/or participate in the discussions.