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Development Group Report : May 2018

77 members

Task 82 - Finance Procedures: Review of tender/contract limits

A poll is underway for proposed changed wording for the procedures.

Moving off Yahoo

We discussed briefly the issue of moving the national discussion groups (Central etc) off Yahoo. The Board has taken the decision that we should do this until 2019. There is still a strong voice for keeping an email based group, rather than moving to a chat or forum type. If anyone has views or suggestions on this it would be useful to hear them.

Wiki Review for dropping Yahoo

This is just about done, with notes made for final changes at the end of September 2018, when all local groups will stop getting getting support for Yahoo. If anyone has some graphics skills or constructive ideas how we can make the wiki more user-friendly, it would be great to have some input from you.

Moving away from Freegle

A query about what the situation would be if a group using FD wished to move off to another platform and become independent was resolved with reference to the existing Owners can download a membership list of their group at any time.

All volunteers are welcome to join Development to view and/or participate in the discussions.

Our task list can be found at This report can also be found on the wiki - - along with all our other reports.

Development Coordinator