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Development Group Report : March 2018

77 members

This report covers February and March 2018 - the two months have been very quiet on the group.

Review of Wiki in preparation for ditching Yahoo

The review is still ongoing. There are some pages which need to remain until the end of September, when Yahoo will be disengaged from support for local groups.

The Board announced that national groups will remain on Yahoo for another year, to give time to find a credible and affordable alternative to Yahoo, so we have assumed that the names and shortlinks for groups will remain the same (eg. ‘Development’ will remain ‘Development’ and the shortlink will still be ‘’). This allows us to amend more pages in this review, rather than waiting for another year.

Task 81: Caretaker Groups Guidelines

We polled and agreed (81%) to add the following wording to There is no upper limit to the amount of groups a team can own, but Mentors must be satisfied that the team will be able to cope with the extra workload, and demonstrate best practice ( If a person more local to the area volunteers to help, they should be encouraged to work alongside the team and if proven suitable promoted to Group Owner status.

Task 82 - Finance Procedures: Review of tender/contract limits

This discussion is current and the majority view at the moment is to raise limits to accommodate inflation and practicalities of contracts we award for IT and Publicity.

Task 83: Abandoned Group Procedure review

This discussion is also current, and there is general agreement so far to the drafted revisions, although it is tricky to ensure that the document is succinct whilst still taking into account Yahoo based groups.

All volunteers are welcome to join Development to view and/or participate in the discussions.