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Development Group Report : January 2018

76 members

Review of WIki in preparation for ditching Yahoo

This review is ongoing, with Dee and Jacky amending pages in consultation, if required, with appropriate teams.

  • Freegle Affiliated Group Name and Logo Guidelines: Mentions of Yahoo removed and document streamlined slightly.
  • Abandoned Groups Procedure: Amended 8. Actions after Board agreement that group is to be disaffiliated and a new group formed. A caretaker owner will be appointed and:The group will be set up with Direct, Facebook & Twitter with Direct as the default landing tab.

Now reads: The group will be set up on Direct with Facebook and Twitter, and will accept members from Trash Nothing.

  • Best Practice: Split into two pages and Yahoo mentions removed.

Help section of Website

Amended to include request for national volunteers (see

Organisational Structure

The new Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) structure is available for adoption and being promoted by the Charity Commission. Freegle is currently an IPS which is charitable in the eyes of HMRC but not the Charity Commission. It may be something to consider in the future, so we will keep this on the radar.

Task 77 - Optimum Mods

New discussion initiated by Mentors on whether there should be restrictions on how many groups one person or team should own. Poll currently being run to add clarification to Caretaker Groups guidelines.