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Welcome to the Publicity Handbook

(see Category:Publicity and its sub-categories for all wiki pages in this handbook)

We all recognise the need for effective publicity and promotion of our groups and Freegle. The sections and pages in this section offer you ideas and resources to increase your group profile and membership and grow Freegle as an organisation.

Development Working Group is the central Freegle working group that deals with 'all things publicity'. All Freegle volunteers are welcome to join this group to share and get ideas.

Our Media Director includes reports of her activity in Freegle's Annual Reports.

Click on the blue title of each section to find links to pages of information.

Events and Awards

Freegle, groups and individuals have been successful in gaining several awards. Links and information about these can be found here.

Are you thinking about holding a local event? We have some advice to share that might help.

Or how about meeting up with Volunteers from around the UK? The annual Freestock event is the place for you!

Freegle PR

Want some quotes for a local interview, or some hints on what to expect at that interview? You will find it all through the links here.


A whole host of ideas to help you promote your group and Freegle. Everything from contacting your local council to inspiring tweets, and from PR materials to help with writing a press release.

Have a look at [this] google spreadsheet which has lots of useful addresses where you might get your group mentioned.

Are you a new group to Freegle? Have a look at Promoting my new group which gives you a simple list of what you can do to attract members.

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