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Minutes of the Meeting of Directors of Freegle Limited held on 27 May 2015 at 7.15 by Skype Chat


Jacky Barrett, Ollie Clark, Cat Fletcher, Andy Ludlow, Alison Redway, Tina Willcox


Edward Hibbert and John Carroll

Chairman: Jacky Barrett


Edward is a Director of Recycling Lives. There are no conflicts at present. Edward has a financial interest in Careicon, a charitable fundraising venture from which Freegle benefits. He will not receive any financial benefit from Careicon for donations made via this route to Freegle.


No new risks were reported.


We agreed to finalise the Annual Report over the following few days so that it can be published.



Edward provided us with a written update:

  • Careicon

Nothing new to report - a gradual stream of low-level donations, but we’ve yet to put a big donation through Careicon for Freegle (and others) to claim.

  • GAYL

He is waiting to hear back from GAYL whether it will be possible to filter out services to avoid us advocating buying ‘stuff’.

Action - Edward


John provided us with a written update:

He is working on:

  • The business plan
  • End of Year finance plan and associated work for the AGM.
  • Finance section for Annual Report
  • Forthcoming work associated with Unity Trust Bank changing our sort code.

Financial Update for Freegle IPS Board

1.Final Actuals for Full FY 14/15 – for Freegle UK

a.Income - £12,145

b.Expenditure - £7,681

2.Current Forecast Summary for Freegle Ltd (since 24th Nov 2014)

a.Income YTD - £2,688 (£1,000 from Freegle UK transfer, £1,000 from mobile App funding, £687 from donations, recycling lives and catchup on Gift aid)

b.Share Capital £108

c.Expenditure YTD - £1,320 ( £1,000 for mobile app top Chris and £320 for Cat’s laptop)

3.Status of Funds

a.Freegle UK Bank account currently (18/03/15) stands at - £16,989 ((after £1,000 transfer)

b.Freegle Ltd Bank account currently stands at £1,476

4.Issues to resolve

a.Tech Budget - John & Edward have done initial Draft

Total is currently more that the £10k budget but this will be refined to fit. I’ll need to get Chris’ agreement to the pittance suggested for Mobile App work.

b.Media budget needs to be written, as does the Volunteer one.

c.Over half of the actions to move all payments over to the Freegle Ltd account have been done – some are awaiting vendors, some with Jane - JC needs to complete., but I’ll await the sort code change to finalise some of them. As Chris’s funding is coming to an end Freegle Uk account should be transferred to Freegle Ltd and the old account closed – Reps to agree and action.

We agreed:

Newsletter income generation to be carried forward to the next meeting.

Action - Cat

The media budget and volunteer welfare budgets are outstanding. Edward and Cat are discussing media and Jacky and Tina are discussing volunteer welfare.

Action - Edward, Cat - Media

Tina, Jacky - Volunteer Support===

Jacky will liaise with Reps over the transfer of funds from Freegle UK account to Freegle Ltd account.

Action - Jacky

Board Secretary

Alison reported that we now have an Induction Procedure for new Directors and a checklist of the work that needs to be done when a Director resigns or is newly appointed.

Director Induction_Procedure


We agreed to vote on the Yahoo Group.

Action - Alison

  • AGM

Andy will liaise with Edward over notification.

Action - Andy

Edward is chairing the meeting and Alison taking the minutes.

Company Secretary

Andy reported:

There are a total of 103 Members.

We briefly discussed the disappointingly low take up of Membership.

We agreed to recommend to the new Board that they prioritise further discussion on the reasons and possible solutions.

Action - Alison

Chef Technology Officer

Edward has discussed an outline IT plan with John with preliminary numbers.


  • Nimber

Cat is trialling them in Brighton.

  • Instagram

Jacky has added this as a task to the Development Working Group task list and Cat will continue work on this.

  • YOTI

Cat is arranging to meet up with them in London.

Health and Safety

Nothing to report.


Jacky reported that the review and adoption of policies to be transferred from Freegle UK to Freegle Ltd had now been completed. We thanked her for undertaking this large task.

The Development Group is now underway and working. There is a task list ( which includes procedural items as well as others.



John is kindly arranging this, to be held Friday the 17th July from 4.30pm until Sunday the 19th, at Hertford campsite.

John reported:

He has booked 9 pitches under last year’s names, and will firm these up early June. Only 6 people have said they want to stay on site so far. I could do with a few more people filling in the spreadsheet, 10 on the list so far. I’ll close the book 2nd week in June as I’ll lose deposits if I cancel within 30 days.

The meeting unanimously agreed we should fund a contribution for Freestock, to help Freegle volunteers attend. *

We have now regretfully agreed to drop this proposal On further discussion we realised that we had not set our budgets with this expenditure in mind and the sum we could afford is likely to be small and a disproportionate amount of the volunteer welfare budget. We also found it hard to agree on a way of spending this money in a fair way. Tina and Jacky will consider this further so that we may be able to help in future years.


Wednesday 24 June at 7.15pm or as arranged by incoming new Board.


We agreed by unanimous vote on the group:

Minutes of previous meeting

The meeting ended at 20.40

Freegle Board

Board Meeting Procedure

Board Role and Remit

Board Meeting Timetable

Board Standing Agenda

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