Board Meeting Procedure

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This procedure was agreed by the Board at their meeting of 27th August 2014

The full requirements for Director Board Meetings are in Rules 71 - 82


For each meeting a Google doc is prepared for

  • Agenda
  • Meeting Notes
  • Minutes

Main Agenda

The standing items are:

  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Declaration of interest
  • Risk Register
  • Date of next meeting

Consent Agenda

This contains items where we have previously polled and there has been unanimous agreement on the decision All items on the Consent Agenda can be grouped together so there only needs to be one resolution. If there is any doubt about prior agreement the item goes on the Main Agenda

Meeting Notes

These consist of appropriate notes on each agenda item, eg

  • Reports or links to documents/Trello lists of reports by role holders or officers
  • Explanatory notes and any information that would save time in the board meeting
  • Resolution wording, if long
  • The details of polls for items on the Consent Agenda items


  • Meetings are usually held via video conferencing software such as Skype or Zoom
  • They are usually the last Wednesday of the month at 7.15
  • The meeting schedule is on the Freegle Board Group calendar with a reminder set for one day.
  • Attendance for meetings is recorded from when a Director signs via Modtools Poll into the meeting and announces they are present.
  • Meeting Polls are conducted electronically using software such as
  • Conflicts of interest are dealt with in accordance with the agreed procedure.
  • The number of votes will be published for specific questions. If a Director is standing for subsequent re-election then volunteers are welcome to ask questions about anything they like, including voting patterns, and the candidate will choose how to answer.
  • Polls prior to the meeting are conducted via the Freegle Board Group other mutually approved poll software.

Board Polls

Board polls are conducted using software such as A board poll typically has 4 response options:

  • Agree - the member agrees with the motion
  • Disagree - the member disagrees with the motion
  • Abandon - the member believes the poll is flawed in some way and should not proceed
  • Abstain - the member does not wish to vote on the motion

By convention, members who choose the Abandon or Abstain options provide an explanation for their choice.



  • Produced by the Board Secretary
  • Agreed by the Chair
  • Polled on via the Board Group or other mutually approved poll software

If there is unanimous approval:

  • They are put on the Wiki
  • The Chair posts draft minutes on Central via Special Notices
  • An item for approval is put on the Consent Agenda for the next meeting.

If approval is not unanimous:

  • The matter/s are discussed on the Board Group
  • The vote for approval is taken during the next meeting


  • Each Director has a list on Trello.
  • Action items are put on lists after the meeting.
  • There is a list for items that have been done since the last meeting.

Transcript, Agenda, Minutes and Notes are filed in the directors@ google drive.