Board Standing Agenda

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The Board holds regular meetings, usually each month.

Discussion/agenda items at every Board Meeting

  • Appointment of Chairman for the meeting if Board Chair not attending.
  • Polling method to be used -
  • Note the meeting commencement at (time)
  • Note the Directors present at the meeting
  • Accept Apologies for Absence
  • Declarations of Interest
  • Risk Register
  • Reports
    • Fundraising
    • Finance
    • Board Secretary
    • Company Secretary (Presents new Members for formal board approval each month and also provides updates on any legislative changes that might affect Freegle Ltd)
    • Volunteer Welfare
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Media
    • Health and Safety
    • Policy
  • Any Other Business
  • Date of Next Meeting
  • Consent Agenda
    • We agreed:(Items that have been polled on the Board Yahoo Group, with no dissent.)
  • Note of time the meeting ended.

Discussion/agenda items to be included in a Board Meeting at some point each year

  • AGM: Each year (c.June), the Board needs to arrange the AGM (Freegle Ltd AGM) so agenda items will need to be included from March at the latest to agree arrangements and the annual report.
  • Appointments of named roles: Returning Officers and Ombudsmen are annually appointed posts, the Secretary making a recommendation to Members, but the Board appoints them.
  • Financial Reserves: Finance_Procedures#10._Other_Rules requires the Board to consider prudent levels of reserves annually, after acceptance of the Annual Accounts.