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AGM 2012 Dates

To be held Monday 19th November (0001hrs) to Sunday 25th November 2012 (2359hrs).

Apologies for absence are being accepted from 12th November 2012 as explained in .

Notice of Meeting

Protocol for the Meeting

The Chair will take the meeting through the agenda and draw each piece of discussion to a conclusion, making sure attendees have the chance to contribute.

  • Only items specified on the agenda will be discussed. There is no 'any other business' at the AGM.
  • Any polls that are required to be worded by the proposer in agreement with the Chair. The Chair's decision will be final.
  • The Returning Officer will run any required polls (these will be conducted on Central and notified by special notice).
  • 72 hours will be allowed for polls, with results to be concluded by the end of the AGM week.
  • AGM discussions will follow a clear protocol:
    • only the Chair will be allowed to start official AGM agenda item discussions,
    • any contributions to that discussion will only be considered if they are submitted under the established subject line, and
    • the Chair will conclude each discussion item at an appropriate time at his sole discretion.
  • Minutes will be taken of the meeting.


The second AGM of Freegle will be held Monday 19th November (0001hrs) to Sunday 25th November 2012 (2359hrs) inclusive on Freegle UK Central.

1. Apologies

2. Minutes of the previous AGM, held 31st October 2011 to 6th November 2011

3. Matters arising from Minutes:

a. Reps Meet Up (covered in the Report from the Reps)

b. AGM 2012 Media Report

4. Report from Reps 2011-2012:

Reps Annual Report 2011-2012

Reps Strategy Report 2012

5. Finance Report Financial and Auditors Report

6. Appointment of Auditor

7. Reports from Working Groups

8. Report from the Mailbox

9. Any other notified business

Reports and Papers for the AGM

Reps Annual Report

Strategy Report

AGM 2012 Recommendation for Auditor

Finance Report

Structure Working Group

Tech Working Group

Growth Working Group

Media Report

Mailbox Report


The draft minutes of the 2012 AGM can be found here

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AGM 2012 Timeline