Structure Group Report 2013-10-31

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This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 30th September, covering messages 12525 to 12578

The topics we have discussed or are live/pending this month are below:

Task 67 - Coordinating Polls and Validation

This was agreed by the Returning Officers as not needed, as the existing procedures and documentation have evolved over time to address issues that were around in 2011 when it was first proposed. This task is therefore complete.

Task 102 - Equalities Monitoring

This task was marked as complete and a note made that should Freegle wish to instigate this, Edward has put a facility to ask new members to FD why they have joined which could be used as part of the baseline information.

Task 10a - Affiliating ‘Other’ Groups

After discussion on the group, we forwarded our proposal to Central that this idea be dropped. ‘Other’ groups would be Cafes or similar linked groups and it was felt that this was not feasible or desirable to pursue.

Task 24 - Group Constitutions

It was agreed that the wiki page Group_Constitution showing two examples of local group constitutions was sufficient. If any group wishing to adopt a local constitution want more information, they are welcome to post a message on Central or the Local Funding Group.

Annual Review of Affiliation Procedures

The current procedures don’t allow GAT to recommend rejecting an applicant who has proven to be poor at communicating through the initial affiliation process. As abandoned groups has been identified as an issue for local members and Freegle it is felt that this should be a basis for rejection. Wording for this addition to the procedure is being polled on at present.

Task 104 - Complaints Procedure Review

We have reviewed the Complaints Procedure and agree it is fit for purpose. We will review again in a year's time.

Task 103 - Mediation for Members

We have mediators in place to offer mediation to group members who are unhappy with their group. Kathy will ensure the list of panel members/mediators in kept up to date on Central and has appealed for more people to be part of the panel pool.

Tasks in progress

Our Task List is here : , with the current and pending tasks listed on the first page. If you wish to take part in the discussions on any of the tasks, please do join in!

Group ‘Personnel’

The owners of this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Wendy (Woodley). Jacky is coordinator and stand-in secretary at present. Group membership stands at 73.

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