Structure Group Report 2013-11-30

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STRUCTURE GROUP REPORT November 2013 This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 31st October, covering messages 12579 to 12621

The topics we have discussed or are live/pending this month are below:

Annual Review of Affiliation Procedures

The current procedures don’t allow GAT to recommend rejecting an applicant who has proven to be poor at communicating through the initial affiliation process. As abandoned groups have been identified as an issue for local members and Freegle it is felt that this should be a basis for rejection. After a poll, the group recommended that the Reps adopt the following change in the Affiliation Procedures:
“If the Group Affiliation Team believe that through local knowledge, information passed on by nearby groups or internet research that the balance of probabilities shows that the person applying for the group is likely to bring the name of Freegle into disrepute , OR THROUGH THEIR INTERACTIONS WITH THEM THROUGH THE INITIAL PROCESS THAT THE APPLICANT IS UNLIKELY TO BE A CAPABLE OWNER, they may recommend to the Reps that the application is rejected........."

Moving the FreegleUK-Central membership database to Google Docs

The FreegleUK-Central membership database (member DB) is currently held on a Yahoo group FreegleCentralAndCafeMods. With the move to Neo and this has become cumbersome and unwieldy so it was proposed by David and Ollie that it is moved to a Google spreadsheet. There was no disagreement with this proposal, although discussions did seek to clarify how much information should be kept and for how long.

Dealing with Abandoned Groups

Growth Group have had discussions and polls about the best way to deal with abandoned groups. They recommended to Structure that the procedure be adopted. There was no disagreement to this, a poll was held and it was unanimously decided to recommend to Central that this be adopted. A message was posted on Central 24th November recommending this and it was subsequently adopted.

Task List

The remaining tasks on our list are all related or integral to the change to an IPS, so we have effectively come to 'the end' of the list.

Over the past 4 years we have completed 97 specific tasks, along with other reviews and ad hoc stuff that appears. We now await new tasks with a possible impending change to an IPS and also will respond to new issues as they arise.

Group ‘Personnel’

The owners of this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Wendy (Woodley). Jacky is coordinator and stand-in secretary at present. Group membership stands at 75.

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