Structure Group Report 2013-09-30

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This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 31st August, covering messages 12474 to 12524

The topics we have discussed or are live/pending this month are below:

Task 62 - Age Appropriate Criteria

We ran a poll on whether to recommend to Central that a criteria for group affiliation regarding age appropriate items should not be implemented. The poll was carried and a message was posted to Central with the recommendation, along with a reminder that groups were free to have a local rule on this if they wish.

Task 89 - Policies for Charity Registration

This task was to consider extra policies we may need to adopt for Charity registration. It was agreed to mark this task as complete and remove it from the list, with a note made on the procedures list for the possible new IPS.

Task 104 - Complaints Procedure Review and Task 103 - Mediation for Members

These two tasks were raised again. We are awaiting a response from the Ombudsmen before discussing further.

Task 63 - Central and Cafe Mods Group

We considered whether this group needs to be kept. As we might well be changing to an IPS with more formal requirements of recording members etc, it was agreed that this group is kept and the member database continues to be updated by the Central mods. If we become an IPS, the new Board can decide how best to keep records for membership and how that can integrate with the Central database. There might also be a need for a forum of central volunteers to talk 'internal technicalities' and this group could provide that. If we don't become an IPS, we can continue as now with the group being the keeper of the database.

Trading Subsidiary Task (TSW) Team Report

The vote on Central for going to national vote on changing Freegle to an IPS was passed by a majority. The Team and Returning Officer are presently clarifying the exact wording for the vote.

New Group Support Procedures Review

These procedures - - were put in place 6 months ago and we set up a review date to see if they have turned out to be fit for purpose. We were pleased to hear from the Mentors team that the process is working fine from their point of view.

Task 67 - Coordinating Polls and Validation

This task was identified in April 2011 when there were problems with agreeing the result of a particular poll. Since then, we have evolved and the consensus so far is that we don’t need to put in place any further procedures or documentation. We await comments from the Returning Officers.

Tasks in progress

The following task has been partially discussed, but still awaiting conclusion: Task 102 - Equalities Monitoring

Our Task List is here : , with the current and pending tasks listed on the first page. If you wish to take part in the discussions on any of the tasks, please do join in!

Group ‘Personnel’

The owners of this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Wendy (Woodley). Jacky is coordinator and stand-in secretary at present. Group membership stands at 75 (two members left in the past month).

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