Structure Group Report 2013-08-31

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This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 31st July, covering messages 12304 to 12473.

The topics we have discussed or are live/pending this month are below:

Trading Subsidiary Task (TSW) Team Report

Discussions continued:

  • The £1 membership fee was clarified - one off payment, electronic certificate acceptable, non-refundable, payment method to be as simple as possible.
  • Business Plan - The TSW Team will start work on drafting a business plan for the new structure
  • Policies and procedures - Jacky, Jane and Sian will start work on the policies and procedures required for the possible new structure
  • Central group to remain the key discussion group for Freegle Volunteers
  • Queried whether the paid up Members will need a separate group for voting/discussion - this remains open to further discussion
  • Board of Directors - first Board to be decided by Volunteers, thereafter the Board to be elected according to the new Rules, which is by the paid up Members of the new structure. It will need to be decided if current Reps can concurrently serve as a Director in the changeover period, if they wish.
  • OBRO team to be recommended in the future, similar to the way we appoint an Auditor at present, by the Secretary.
  • Director liability - PLI insurance will be in place for the new structure, but further insurance will be explored in order to cover liability by Directors for local activities etc.
  • Asset transfer - assets (funds etc) will be transferred from Freegle UK (present organisation) to Freegle Ltd (new organisation) on a set date. Individuals holding assets that are important to Freegle (relevant coding, domain names etc) have agreed to transfer those to Freegle Ltd.
  • Way of working - although recognising that the present structure can be long winded and lead to burn-out, the proposed new structure is very similar. Further discussion on whether we can be more streamlined is probably needed.
  • Concerns were expressed that the proposal will betray Freegle’s roots as an amorphous volunteer organisation.

The report and organigram were amended in line with the discussion consensus and a vote held. The result was to recommend the Report’s proposals to Central.

Task 87 - Funding Notification

We discussed whether there should be an obligation placed on individual volunteers who secure funding to report it to Central in the interest of transparency - a kind of "register of interests” - as well as an encouragement to others to look for funding opportunities. We concluded that we couldn’t oblige people, but it would certainly be useful to have that information. The wiki page ‘Local Funding’ was subsequently amended and a notification of that sent to Central.

Task 62 - Age Appropriate Criteria

Way back in early 2010 we had a poll to decide on the affiliation requirements that Freegle groups should adopt. The issue of ‘age appropriate’ items was a grey area and Structure were asked to consider it further and come back with a proposal. We are now talking about it!

Tasks in progress

The following tasks have been partially discussed, but still awaiting conclusion:

  • Task 102 - Equalities Monitoring
  • Task 104 - Complaints Procedure Review
  • Task 103 - Mediation for Members

Our Task List is here : , with the current and pending tasks listed on the first page. If you wish to take part in the discussions on any of the tasks, please do join in!

Group ‘Personnel’

The owners of this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Wendy (Woodley). Jacky is coordinator and stand-in secretary at present. Group membership stands at 77 (one extra member joined in past month).

Link to Structure Group Report 2013-07-31 and Structure Group Report 2013-09-30