Freegle Reps Report 2012-11

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This Report covers the period between 1 November and mid December. It takes us up to the start of the new terms of office for Reps.


CAFS Partnership Agreement

We agreed that Edward would sign this agreement and have now received £200 for work carried out by Edward and Chris.


The Freegle AGM was held between 19 November and 25 November. The Reps presented an Annual Report and Strategy Recommendations.

During the AGM we talked about the possibility of forming a separate trading arm. These discussions are now continuing on the Structure Working Group. If you would like to join in or view the debates on Structure please go to: Working Group.


WRAP Annual Conference

Cat attended this on behalf of Freegle on 6 November.


Cat has had some very useful discussions with them about the possibilities of promoting reuse via Freegle publicity at household recycling waste centres.

Business Cards

We now have more business cards available for Groups. Sian has sent out cards to the groups who had had fewer than 100 in the first mailing. The Group Launch Coordinator is letting Sian know when a Group is launched so that Sian can send out 100 cards to each newly affiliated Group.

Brighton Waste House

This has been launched with lots of publicity, including BBC and ITV news coverage in the South East. This all helps spread the word nationally about Freegle. You can read more about the house that is being built totally from waste:

or follow the Waste House on Twitter


Freegle info is up on a few public display boards at Brighton Train station for a few months. There is also a waste photography exhibition, FotoResources at the station. This was launched on 14 December with Caroline Lucas MP and the leader of Brighton Council. Cat gave the public presentation for this along with the architect from the Waste House.


Abandoned Groups

We gave notice to Central on 6 November that Brackley Freegle would be delisted after 7 days.


Domains and Nodes We agreed to renew the and domains for another year and have bought six more nodes at a discounted rate which was available only on 24 November.

Neehoy and Ditto

These are both people who are interested in reuse, but think that reuse desperately needs a more modern interface and a mobile application. They have built fairly nice sites, but have realised that they have no users - and so have come to us. Edward is working with them to see whether we can recruit their technical expertise via use of the Freegle Direct API.

Freegle Direct Membership List Policy

We agreed to Structure’s recommendation that Freegle centrally will not use any group's membership list kept by Freegle Direct without permission from the group Volunteers Further details can be found at

Norfolk Freegle

As Norfolk groups are now hosted on their own website and not Yahoo Groups it is not possible to verify in the usual way the eligibility of moderators to vote in national polls. We have agreed with the Norfolk mods that in future verification emails, mass mailing and emails usually sent to the Yahoo Owner address will be sent to the Yahoo Group to which Norfolk Mods belong.

Give and Take Events

We’ve received an email from a local Trading Standards Officer about the electrical safety of items at Give and Take Events. The post to Central gives more details.

Useful Contact Email Addresses for Freegle

can be found on this wiki page

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