Development Group Report 2019 11

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Development Group Report for November 2019

Since moving to Discourse we have yet to find our feet as a discussion group, but now the AGM and then Christmas is over, we’ll be back to tackling interesting topics. Please join us if you are interested

Task 93: Change of Affiliation Requirements

The AGM resolution to change the requirement for Central membership for groups was passed. has now been amended to include “All Freegle Volunteers will receive national announcements - mandatory”.

Task 94: All Volunteers to be on Discourse

The discussion about automatically adding all volunteers to Discourse crossed with the resolution above. As Discourse is the method for all volunteers to receive national announcements, this is was effectively resolved.

Task 3 Admins for Groups

The auto-admins that are available for groups to send out were discussed again. Sending them automatically after 7 days hasn’t been implemented; a hold button will now be introduced; the expiry/auto send out dates will be discussed further.

Task 96: Best Practice Review

This will be discussed after Christmas. The intention is to check that is fit for purpose now that all groups use Modtools.

Task 97: AGM discussion on Payment

The unfinished proposal at the AGM regarding payment to individuals has been proposed to be moved to Development. This discussion will probably start this coming month.

Jacky Development Coordinator