Development Group Report 2019 07-10

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Development Group Report: July-October 2019 2019

This report covers activity in July, August, September and October 2019.


The headline news is that we have moved from our faithful old Yahoo group to Discourse. We had 75 members when we closed the group. Our new address is

This means that volunteers no longer have to apply to join Development, they can choose to look at and contribute to the Development category when they wish. Hopefully that will mean we will attract a wider range of participation and views.

As Yahoo have closed off most of the functions of the old Yahoo group, we have downloaded all the messages before Yahoo deletes them, so we will have an archive when we get organised to access them easily if we need to.

Task 93: Change of Affiliation Requirements

We discussed changing the requirement regarding Central membership to accommodate the change from Yahoo to Discourse as a hosting platform for our national groups. A resolution has been submitted to the AGM to make a change.

Task 94: All Volunteers to be on Discourse

Ongoing discussion about the pros and cons of automatically adding all volunteers to Discourse.

Task List

Our task list can be found at which shows outstanding tasks as well as those completed. We will continue to address the tasks, some of which are very long standing, as well as being open to any new suggestions from volunteers.

Jacky Development Coordinator