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Development Group Report : November 2017

78 members

Affiliation Procedure

This procedure was amended to accommodate the dropping of Yahoo: “b. Group Move or Merger Procedure Provide a questionnaire to confirm the move or merger is agreeable to the enquiring reuse group’s moderating team. The team should be informed that we are dropping support for Yahoo by the end of 2018, so the group will be helped to move to Freegle Direct within 3 months of Mentor involvement.”

Contact Procedure

As part of the annual affiliation confirmation process, it was agreed to not imply that Best Practice guidelines are mandatory for groups. The majority of groups have confirmed affiliation this year, those that haven’t are being contacted individually via the info@ mailbox.

Wiki Review

Several threads of conversation have concluded that the lack of updated information on the wiki regarding Modtools and FD needs to be addressed. The layout of information needs to be looked at as well as the trimming of Yahoo information for the future. The font has already been adjusted and can be changed further if people feel it could be improved. The wiki is open to edit so if anyone feels a page can be improved or needs replacing, they are welcome do it themselves or ask on Central or Development for someone with editing rights to do it.

All volunteers are very welcome to join Development Group - - and participate in discussions and decisions.

Our task list can be found at