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Development Group Report : September 2017

77 members

Contact Procedure

Edward asked the group if they would consider a change to the procedure already agreed to allow use of Modtools as enough annual confirmation that a group wishes to continue affiliation of Freegle. The responses were mixed, some defending autonomy and the right of groups to not have to communicate at all with Freegle centrally, others feeling that proactive communication is important for maintaining a healthy volunteer UK team with annual confirmation being a good tool for ‘touching base’ regularly. There is, however, the issue of lack of national volunteers to carry out the procedure agreed.

It was noted that groups need to be clear about what affiliation actually entails/means, so when confirmation is sought, there should be reference to appropriate documents in the wiki.

Discussion continues

Task 60 - Defining Failed Groups

We were given a task at last year's AGM:
"Groups which have "failed" may be disaffiliated even if they are not abandoned. Development will create a procedure to assess this and which includes attempts to contact the group."

We have produced the contact procedure, but not an assessment of a failed group. We are presently having a lively discussion to come up with some guidelines that can be used.

All volunteers are very welcome to join Development Group - - and participate in discussions and decisions.

Our task list can be found at

Jacky Development Coordinator