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Development Group Report : August 2017

78 members

Task 74 - Central Database

The group were asked their thoughts on the outline of the proposed new central database, to be hosted on Modtools. It will include information that is needed for the new Contact Admins, but should also useful to GAT, Mentors, Central Mods, Support, Company Secretary and Returning Officers. All these currently have spreadsheets that contain information about volunteers, needed to do their various jobs. The thinking at the moment is that if we can transfer information into one place, that is more efficient and also better conforms to the upcoming data requirements of GDPR. There were no negative comments about this, so Edward was asked to set this up when possible.

Task 72 - Streamline Affiliation Procedures

The Board adopted the new procedure - - which replaces and The wiki has been updated.

Task 71 - Urgent Appeals

The workgroup reported back to the Group with some recommendations.

  • Offering our network as a means for others to get out information and ask for help in the longer term is where our strength lies.
  • We need to be known by agencies and organisations involved in local resilience forums (LRFs).
  • In a national emergency we need a central email address for organisations to contact. That could be as it is manned as near to 24/7 as possible by volunteers, and there is a small team rather that one individual to cope with messages.
  • An information sheet/guide should be provided on the wiki with who does what and where for national personnel.
  • Central should be told that help has been requested and what response has been made.
  • If the situation merits messages being quickly posted on groups, the Board should be able to make the decision to post directly on FD groups, with non-FD groups being bulk mailed with a message to be placed locally.
  • An information sheet/guide should be provided on the wiki for local group volunteers.

There was a positive response on the above, so Jacky, Jeni and Jo will work on this further. If anyone would like to join them to progress this more quickly, please contact any of them privately.

Liz found a workshop happening in September for Northamptonshire LRF - - asking if organisations can help with their emergency plans. It was agreed that it would be helpful if someone local could represent Freegle at the workshop.

All volunteers are very welcome to join Development Group - - and participate in discussions and decisions.

Our task list can be found at

Jacky Development Coordinator