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Here are a variety of PR materials and resources that you can use for your group:

  • Badges - online links/logos to use on your home page and elsewhere
  • Banner - would you like to borrow a Freegle banner or print out a paper one - look here to find out how to do it
  • Firefox Freegle Persona - uploading this will give your screen a Freegle 'skin' if you use Firefox
  • Logos - Freegle logo graphics for webpages and printed materials.
  • Maps - have a look at the range of maps, including Find a Group maps tools and see if you could use them on your group or local website
  • PNGs for Screenshots - explanation of why and what they are and how to do them
  • Photos - Freegle are establishing a photo archive for use by the organisation and groups, so find out here how to access it or contribute
  • Posters, fliers, cards - some designs that you can print yourself
  • Presentations - sample Powerpoint presentations
  • Shortlinks - lists and explanation of shortlinks you can use to help make your publicity easier
  • Using the Logo - permission details on using the Freegle logo, also font information

If you have PR Materials, good stories or a report of a successful promotion you would be happy to share with other groups, they would be most welcome. Either post a message on one of the Central Groups or Freegle Media Group. Alternatively, email .

If you would like some custom graphics for your group, contact the Graphics Team.

Good luck with your local campaign!

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