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Glossary of terms used in Freegle Ltd documents

Contents: Top - 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z



  • Board - elected group of people (Directors)
  • Board Discussion Group - private group, used as the working space for Directors to discuss business and hold Board meetings


  • Candidates - nominees who have confirmed ((usually to the Returning Officer) that they are willing to stand for election
  • Caretakers/Caretaker Groups - groups which are being looked after centrally (by caretakers) until new local volunteers can be found.
  • Catchment area - the area a group will accept members and posts from. This is usually a wider area than the core area and can include neighbouring group's core or catchment areas.
  • Central - Freegle UK Central Yahoo group
  • Central Mod Team - team of Volunteers who own and moderate Central
  • CGA - Core Group Area
  • Chairman - Chair of the Board
  • Constitution - the framework of rules adopted by Freegle UK, which has been replaced by the Rules of Freegle Ltd
  • Contact methods - when documents refer to acceptable contact methods, that includes via the group owner address, any known email address, any known phone number, any known social networking connection, notice to Central and other Freegle forums.
  • Core area - the area agreed on affiliation that is specific to a group, and no other group will be affiliated in that core area.


  • DA - Delegated Authority, as used in the Finance Sub Committee Remit
  • Director - One of the elected Directors that comprise the Freegle Board
  • DPA (Default Posting Area) - Freegle Direct software uses a Default Posting Area (DPA) as the technical boundary to share new members and their posts to the nearest group. The DPA should surround the core, which is the area within which another group may not start up. Cores and DPAs shouldn't overlap other groups. None of this affects the catchment area from which a group receive messages, it is just the system default, which applies when other choices have not been made by the member.


  • FB - Facebook
  • FD - Freegle Direct
  • FSC - Finance Sub Committee
  • Firefox - A web browser alternative to Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Freegle - Freegle Ltd
  • Freegle Direct - the interface provided on the website for members of groups to use
  • Freegle Ltd - the association/network of affiliated groups (not the individual groups themselves)
  • Freegle Member- a voting, paid up member of Freegle Ltd
  • Freegle UK - the previous unincorporated association/network of affiliated groups
  • Freegle Wiki - this!


  • GAT - old name for Group Affiliation Team, the team that processed applications for affiliating groups to Freegle. Now call NGT, New Groups Team.
  • GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation
  • Geeks - fond and irreverent term for our brilliant IT development and management team.
  • GLC - Group Launch Coordinator
  • GM - Group Mentor, person appointed by GAT to assist a new group
  • GO - Group Owner, someone who has full moderation privileges


  • IPS - Industrial Provident Society, the organisational structure adopted by Freegle Ltd. Now known as a Registered Society for the Benefit of the Community.


  • MM - Message Maker, neat addition which used to make it easier for group members to post messages
  • MT - ModTools
  • Member - paid up member of Freegle Ltd
  • member - member of a local group
  • Mod - Moderator, someone who has moderation privileges. We also use the term to include Group Owners when talking generally.
  • ModTools - The facility that Volunteers can use to help run their group. There is an App version of Modtools available.


  • NGT - New Groups Team, our lovely team that process applications for new Freegle groups
  • Nominees - people put forward to stand for election to a post.
  • Non Profit (nonprofit) Group - group with a not-for-profit aim to facilitate free giving and receiving items for reuse in a local community, free to use by its members.


  • Ombudsman - one of the appointed team of two Ombudsmen.
  • Owner - Volunteer who takes on full responsibility for a local group, including being able to recruit and demote other Volunteers, control the membership list etc. Some groups work with just one Owner, but others choose to have a team of Owners.
  • owner-address - the email address of a Freegle Group moderating team


  • PID - Public Interest Disclosure - also known as whistleblowing
  • PLI - Public Liability Insurance


  • Reps - the elected representatives of the previous Freegle UK organisational set up
  • Returning Officer/RO - one of the appointed team of two Returning Officers, abbreviated sometimes to RO
  • RO email address -
  • Rules - the primary document for running Freegle Ltd, which has replaced the previous Constitution


  • Secretary - Company Secretary or Secretary to the Board
  • Self-Nomination - volunteers nominating themselves as candidates
  • Skype chat - online messaging system used by the Board for Board meetings
  • Snaply - defunct mobile app which used to provide an access method to Freegle groups
  • Society - Freegle Ltd (term used within the Rules)
  • Subject Line - A line in an e-mail that indicates the subject of the message


  • TFN - The Freecycle Network
  • Treasurer - appointed position by Board, remit Finance Role Remits
  • Trashnothing/TN - different access method for group members to join and use a group
  • Trello - online message board used by Board for action points from meetings etc -


  • Volunteer - an owner, moderator or volunteer of a group affiliated to Freegle, or a nationally recognised Volunteer


  • Wiki - this Freegle wiki
  • Working Groups / WG - Central groups, open to all Freegle Volunteers, which discuss and organise how the Freegle organisation works.